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Pre-war Races

In this section there are included races that could be considered as sports car races and were held before the 2nd World War. Some of them aren't in fact a true sports car races but sports cars formed considerable part of the field (for example German GP 19261929 or Brooklands 500 Miles). There are also listed all results of Bol d'Or twenty-four hour race since 1922 despite sports cars were invited only in later editions while only cyclecars and even sidecars were allowed in its first year. The rules were usually different from race to race but that era was probably most important for formation of what we know today as a sports car racing.

As there was nearly no difference between a sports car and a touring car by that time, many of these races were called as Touring Car Grand Prix. Even the most important sports car race of all time, the Le Mans 24 Hours, was in its early editions opened only to production touring cars or we could say production sports cars with all their road equipment. The term sports car was more and more used during the second part of the twenties and a real sports car revolution happened during mid thirties in France where nearly all important races were run to the sports car formula as an opposition to the German domination in Grand Prix racing. By that time many of sports car were more or less racing cars in sports trim (today we would call them sports racers or prototypes) running to regulation of International Appendix C. That was not too popular in some countries like in Italy, where they decided to establish a new category for their new championship. It was called Turismo Nazionale in 1937 and was something what we would call Production Sports Cars after the war or Grand Touring Cars today. For the 1938 season this new Italian class was renamed to Sports Nazionale.

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