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Landar chassis numbers

Landar sports car chassis:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
750901   1974 Sports Frank Aston, GB => Peter Hardt (1975) => John Feuerstein, USA (1999~2007) Built as Landar R8. When campaigned by Heinz Hardt, it was usually referred to as Landar LRB, which stands for Landar Racing Bonn. The car was originally build without rear wing but it was added later (at least by 1979). For its final active racing season, the 1983 Interserie Championship, it was fitted with quite new bodywork, rather reminiscent longtail Lola T298. Before Hardt it was raced just twice by the first owner Frank Aston in some minor British events, one of which was probably held in Silverstone.

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