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Ferrari 333 SP chassis numbers

Ferrari 333 SP chassis numbers:

Chassis Model Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
333SP-001 Standard 1994 WSC Ferrari test car => Matsuda (1996) => Carlos Monteverde (1997) => Bill Bauce, USA (owner in 1999) Twice crashed in 1994 during testing.
333SP-002 Standard 1994 WSC Massimo Sigala ... => Frank Triarsi, USA (owner in 1999) Raced by Euromotorsport in 1994 and Le Mans 1995.
333SP-003 Standard 1994 WSC Scandia Motorsport (Andy Evans) => Dibos Racing (1997) => Giovanni Lavaggi/GLV Brums (1998)  
333SP-004 Standard 1994 WSC MOMO Corse Team (Moretti) => Canadian collector (1995) ... => Andy Evans (owner in 1999)  
333SP-005 Standard 1994 WSC Euromotorsport (Antonio Ferrari) ...=> Pilot Racing - Alain Ferté (1997) ...=> Ferrari of North America (owner in 1999)  
333SP-006 Standard 1994 WSC Collector in North Carolina ... => Bob Rapp, USA  
333SP-007 Standard 1995 WSC Perfetti    
333SP-008 Standard 1995 WSC German Collector   no race history
333SP-009 Standard 1995 WSC Massimo Sordi, I => Euromotorsport ...=> Ferrari of North America (owner in 1999)  
333SP-010 Evoluzione 1995 WSC Italian collector =>Scandia Motorsport (1995) => Racing for Belgium (1996) => MOMO Corse (1997) ... => James McCormick, USA (owner in 1999)  
333SP-011 Evoluzione 1995 WSC MOMO Corse Team (Moretti) => Landshark Racing (1996) ... => Frank Triarsi, USA (owner in 1999)  
333SP-012 Evoluzione 1995 WSC Lienhard Lista Racing (Lienhard) ...=> Teds Konrad, USA (owner in 1999) Raced in ISRS 1998 by Lista.
333SP-014 Evoluzione 1995 WSC American collector Syota Yonemusgi, J (owner in 1999)  
333SP-015 Michelotto 1995 WSC Ferrari North America ... => Doyle-Risi Racing Team (owner in 1999)  
333SP-016 Michelotto 1997 WSC Freddy Lienhard Lista Racing    
333SP-017 Michelotto 1997 WSC Doyle-Risi Racing Team (Wayne Taylor?)    
333SP-018 Michelotto 1997 WSC Doyle-Risi Racing Team (Wayne Taylor?)    
333SP-019 Michelotto 1998 WSC MOMO Corse Team (Moretti) ...=> Charles Arnott, USA (owner in 1999) Winner of Daytona and Sebring 1998.
333SP-020 Michelotto 1998 SR1 Enzo Calderari (Auto Sport Racing)   Raced in ISRS 1998-99.
333SP-021 Michelotto 1998 SR1 Ray Bellm => Dick Waaijenberg (1998) Raced in ISRS 1998.
333SP-022 Michelotto 1998 SR1 JB Jabouille Bouresche   Raced in ISRS 1998-99.
333SP-023 Michelotto 1998 SR1 Neol Del Bello Racing ... => JB Jabouille Bouresche (owner in 1999)  
333SP-024 Michelotto 1998 SR1 Lucchini/Scuderia Italia    
333SP-025 Michelotto 1999 LMP Doran Lista Ferrari    
333SP-026 Michelotto 1999 LMP Doran Matthews    
333SP-027 Michelotto 1999 LMP Austrian Collector    
333SP-028 Michelotto 1999 LMP Benny Caoia, USA    
333SP-029 Michelotto 1999 SR1 Zadra, Sr. & Jr.   Entered by BMS Scuderia Italia in SRWC 1999.
333SP-030 Michelotto 1999 SR1 JB Jabouille Bouresche    
333SP-031 Michelotto 1999 SR1 Kelemata Italtechnica    
333SP-032 Michelotto 1999 SR1 Okamoto    
333SP-033 Michelotto 1999 SR1 Okamoto    
333SP-034 Michelotto 1999 SR1     Sold to Venezuela.
333SP-035           Not raced?
333SP-036           Not raced?
333SP-037           Not raced?
333SP-038           Not raced?
333SP-039           Not raced?
333SP-040 Michelotto 2001 SRP Risi Competizione   Built for 24 Hours of Daytona 2002.
333SP-041 Michelotto 2001 SRP Ferrari-San Francisco   Built to compete complete Grand-Am 2002 season. Last Ferrari 333SP built by Michelotto.

Note: Chassis number 333SP-013 wasn't used. Team C.A.R.S. bought one car from Team Scandia.

Chassis 001 was the only 333 SP built by Ferrari, chassis 002 to 014 were built by Dallara and the rest (called Series 2) were built by Michelotto.

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