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Argo chassis numbers

Group C and GTP cars

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
JM16/097/GTP Mazda 1983 GTP Jim Downing    
JM16/098/GTP Mazda 1984 GTP Jim Downing => Kelly Marsh (1985)  
JM16/099/GTP DFV 1984 GTP Don Courtney    
JM16/100/GTP DFV 1984 GTP Lyn St. James    
JM16/101/GTP Buick 1984 GTP Don Bell => Patrick Murphy (1988) => James & John Blackwell (~2009-2011)  
JM16/102/GTP Buick 1984 GTP Charles Morgan   During 1985 IMSA season was raced variously as Argo JM16 and Royale RP39 or RP40.
JM16/103/GTP DFV 1984 GTP Argo Cars Ltd. => Andy Blank (1984) => PC Automotive/Richard Piper (1986) Later acquired by Hugh Kleinpeter and re-numbered as Royale RP40.001 . Then sold to Richard Piper and fitted with Mitsubishi engine before reverting to DFL.
JM16/104/GTP Mazda 1985 GTP Hugh Kleinpeter => Paul Corazzo (1986)  
JM19/106/GTP Mazda 1985 GTP Jim Fowells    
JM19/107/GTP Mazda 1985 GTP Jim Downing ... => Ralph Thomas The car won 3 IMSA Lights championships in 1985-87 driven by Downing/Maffuci. This car was the basis for the Kudzu chassis later built by Jim Downing. Later raced by Ralph Thomas in HSR Thundersport series. Winner of Camel Lights class in 1997 and 1999 while winning in 1999 overall.
JM19/108/GTP Mazda 1985 GTP Don Marsh    
JM19/109/GTP Mazda 1985 GTP Frank Rubino => Jim Downing ... => Dennis Spencer (~2000) Won Lights class at 24H Daytona in 1986. It was purchased by Downing as a team car to JM19-107 and campaigned in the Panasonic colors of Hiro Matsushita. It is now (2000) campaigned in the HSR International Thundersport Cup Series in the U.S. by Spencer.
JM19/110/C2 Zakspeed 1986 C2 Martin Schanche => Manfred Dahm (1987~1989) From 1987 fitted with Porsche engine.
JM19/113/GTP Buick 1986 GTP Brent O'Neill   Raced by O'Neill until 1993.
JM19B/116/C2 Zakspeed 1987 C2 Martin Schanche    
JM19B/117/C2 DFV 1987 C2 Hans Wittwer => Ruedi Jauslin (1989) => ?, Japan or USA (1998) Or sold to Hans Egenter?
JM19B/118/GTP Ferrari 1987 GTP Jeffrey von Braun/Transact Engineering    
JM19B/120/C2 Motori-Moderni 1987 C2 Jean-Pierre Frey (Dollop Racing) => Josef Sacher Wittwer put Judd engine in it when raced by Sacher.
JM19C/121/C2 DFV 1988 C2 Martin Schanche    
JM19C/122/C2 DFV 1988 C2 Richard Piper/PC Automotive ... => Mike Wright (~2000) => ... => Harvey Cook => John Edwards (2004/04~2006) In 2004 and 2005 succesfully raced in historic Group C/GTP racing (2nd in C2 class in Le Mans Legend)
JM19C/124/C2 DFV 1988 C2 Jean Messaoudi/MT Sport => France Prototeam (1989) => Dieter Bergermann (1989) => Michael Schuster (1997~2003) Modified by Bergermann in 1991 and then entered as BGN-Argo Judd.
JM19C/125/C2 Chevrolet 1988 C2 N. Burke/B.R.R. Motorsport {destroyed} Car was being prepared for Ian Taylor/Peter Lovett for 1988 season in BRDC Sports Car Championship but was crashed during testing and never raced.
JM19C/127/C2 Chevrolet 1989 C2 Hans Egenter => Robert Dubler (1997) In 2000 still owned by Robert Dubler.
JM19D/128/C2 Chevrolet 1989 C2 Walter Friedrich => Josef Binder (~1996) => Nick Randall, USA (1999) Raced in Interserie and Euroserie by Binder. Still owned by Randall in 2000.
JM19D/129/C2 DFV 1989 C2 Helmut Bross   Entered by Bross until 1997, mainly raced in Interserie.
JM19D/130/C2 DFV 1990 C2 Hans Wittwer   Used as works entry at Le Mans 24 Hours 1990.
JM20/131/C DFV 1990 C1 Hans Wittwer   Raced by Rolf Kuhn in Interserie, used in Swiss Championship.
JM20/132/C Chevrolet 1991 C1 Helmut Bross => Bruno Baur, CH (~1996)  
JM16---           Built in the Argo works but without being numbered acquired by Hugh Kleinpeter to U.S. It was raced as Royale RP40-002
JM20/WSC001 Chevrolet   WSC   => Team Cascandia (1998) Ordered by Stan Wattles as GTP car but wasn't completed. It was shipped over in pieces to be completed by Mike Collucci (MCR). The car was never completed as a GTP car, and was instead modified to be a WSC car and numbered WSC001. Raced by Blake Pridgen/Jeff Jones in 1996/97 then by Ed Zabinski/Shane Lewis in 1998.

Group CN Argo JM21

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
JM21/133/C3 Alfa Romeo 3.0   CN     Raced by Gerhard Ludwig 1998 and Roland Mittländer in 1998-1999.
JM21/134/C3 Alfa Romeo 3.0   CN     Raced by Freddy Küng in 1995-1998.
JM21/136/C3 Alfa Romeo 3.0   CN     Raced by Robert Hahn in 1994-95.
JM21/138/C3 Alfa Romeo 3.0   CN     Raced by Franco Foresti in 1996-2000.
JM21/139/C3 Alfa Romeo 3.0   CN     Raced by Josef Binder in 1993-95. Raced by Adolf Gärtner in 1996-2000.

This list is not complete. Missing chassis numbers were probably built as JM21 too.

All Argo types:
JM1 - 1977 - Formula 3
JM2 - 1978 - Formula Super Vee
JM3 - 1979 - Formula 3
JM4 - 1979 - Formula Super Vee
JM6 - 1980 - Formula 3
JM7 - 1980 - Formula Super Vee
JM8 - 1981 - Formula 3
JM9 - 1981 - Formula Atlantic
JM10 - 1982 - Formula 3
JM14 - 1983 - Formula Ford 2000
JM15 - 198X - Formula CART
JM16 - 1984 - IMSA GTP
JM18 - 1989 - Formula 3
JM19 - 1986 - Group C2/IMSA GTP Lights
JM20 - 1990 - Group C1
JM21 - 199X - Group CN

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