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Alba chassis numbers

Group C and IMSA GTP Alba cars:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
AR2-001 Giannini 1.8t 1983 C2 Carma FF sold (early 1984) Run by Jolly Club in 1983/84.
AR2-002 Giannini 1.8t 1983/09 C2 Carma FF …=> Michael Sheehan (1998~2005) Run by Jolly Club in 1983/84 and by Carma FF in 1985. For 1986 fitted with Ferrari engine and raced in IMSA for many years under Gaston Andrey Racing and later Bieri Racing banner. Late in 1993 converted to WSC as spider. For sale in 2005.
AR2-004 Ferrari   GTP Carma FF    
AR3-001 Ford 1984/02/10 GTP Gianpiero Moretti/Momo => Jeff Kline/Jack Baldwin (1985) => John Kalagian (1986) => Tom Rust Racing (1989) Run in IMSA 1984 by Moretti in GTP during 1984 badged as 'Momo AR3'. For 1985 fitted with Mazda engine and renamed as AR4.
AR3-00? Ford 1984 C2 Kelmar Racing => Leif Lindström (1988) Now (1997) it is fully rebuilt and owned by swedish collector.
AR3-003 Ford 1985 C2 (Trueman/Heimrath Jr.)?? => Luigi Taverna Techno Racing (1986~87) => {destroyed by fire} Burnt at the end of 1987.
AR5-001?? Oldsmobile 1985 Lights Whitehall Rocketsports    
AR5-002?? Buick 1985 Lights Joe Varde Racing   Two AR5 were built. One raced also in 1986 by McKitterick/Coconis with Oldsmobile engine.
AR5-005 Fod 1984/11/1        
AR6-005 Carma 1985 C2 Carma   In 1986 converted to Ferrari engined Lights car.
AR8-001 Buick 1987 GTP Kalagian Racing    
AR9-001?? Buick 4.5 1989 GTP CSAI   Driven by de Benedetti/Livio.
AR20-01 Subaru 1990 C1a CSAI - Alba Formula   During season converted to Buick 4.5.

Alba AR1 was one-off built Formula 3 car racing in 1982.

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