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Autocoast and Titanium Ti22 chassis numbers:

Ti 22 chassis:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
Ti 22 Mk I   1969 Group 7/66 Autocoast Titanium {destroyed} => Craig Pence (~2013) Raced as Autocoast Ti 22. Damaged in a wreck at Mt Tremblant. Craig Pence is recreating that car (by 2013 80% done).
Ti 22 Mk II   1970 Group 7/66 Titanium Racing Components => T-G Racing (1971) => Nick Dioguardi (1972) => {destroyed} (1973) => Bob Lee (~2013) Raced as Titanium Ti 22 Mk II or just Ti 22 Mk II. Crashed and burned in SCCA National race in Riverside 1973. Ownership rights and drawing packing purchased by Bob Lee from Nick Dioguardi and Lois Bryant. MKII being recreated to 1970 livery (~ 2013).

Only two cars were built.

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