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German GT Championship

ADAC GT Cup was national German championship for GT cars. It was run for the first time in 1993. Eligible cars were divided in the two divisions. The first season was successfull with a small field in less powered division II but with very strong division I: BMW, Porsche, Honda, Audi, Callaway and Ford were seen regulary whole year.

After the inaugural season some makes disappeared while division II attracted more interest of private drivers and in 1995 they even ran in separate races. The big division I became more or less a Porsche Cup during 1995 and was abadoned after this season. ADAC GT Cup then continued as a championship for former division II cars running two-races events for another two years.

There was no official German GT championship after the Cup demise at the end of 1997 but many German GT cars were involved in Veedol-Langstrecken Pokal, which was a series of endurance races held in the old Nordschleife. The main race of the season was the Nürburgring 24 Hours race, though it was not a part of the championship. The GT part of the mostly touring car field continued to improve each year so that it was decided to create a new official championship for those cars, starting from 2006. But in the end, there were lack of entrants with an intention to participate in such separate championship, so the new German GT Championship was called off even before it had started.

However during the 2006 season a new GT3 class became extremely popular around the Europe, so another decision to organize a true GT championship in Germany was taken and as a result of it the ADAC GT Masters exclusively for GT3 cars was announced for the 2007 season. As there were a lot of suitable cars, the new series was successfull.

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